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We’re confident we have a tour that will suit you

Blue Dot Travel not only offer small group tours – with an average tour size of around 13 people – we also provide private tours and tailored family adventure tours.

We have existing itineraries which can be taken as is or adapted to suit. Just choose your destination and call us today.

Small Group Tours
Blue Dot Travel Small Group Tours

On Blue Dot Travel’s small group tours you’ll travel with like-minded people. The majority of our customers have already seen the mainstream travel destinations. They are looking to explore unique places they have read about, heard about, or longed to experience for themselves. We offer small group departures to countries that will delight your senses and challenge your perceptions. Our small-group travellers are adventurous and curious about the world. They want to soak up the scenery, learn about the ancient and recent history, understand the way of life, taste and smell the food, meet and interact with locals and experience an authentic cultural hit. And they prefer to travel in small group tours rather than with a large group that is often inflexible and less personal. Most international small group tours are accompanied by an Australian tour host, ensuring the trip runs smoothly from start to finish.

Private Tours

If travelling with a group on a scheduled departure is not for you, Blue Dot Travel also offers private tours to virtually all the many destinations we visit. Private tours are available for just four people  – or as many as you like. We have dozens of itineraries to choose from. Let us know which part of the planet interests you. We’ll help put together something very special for you and your group.

Family Tours

Blue Dot Travel offers a range of fully-guided, family-friendly, two-week trips to destinations packed full of fun and adventure. You’ll stay in good-quality accommodation, enjoy great food and see glorious scenery. Having travelled extensively with our own children, we understand how to travel successfully as a family! We know where to look for engaging activities that go beyond the predictable; we know to incorporate freedom of choice, activities and local cuisine. We’ll ensure you travel in comfort and safety. With our knowledge, and the support of our local trusted ground operators, drivers and guides, the hard stuff is done for you. Hotels, meals, accommodation and sightseeing, is all taken care of. It all adds up to excellent value for money.